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Posted by arifincellular pada November 19, 2011

Medal Tally For 26th SEA Games Jakarta-Palembang 2011
Indonesia SEA Games 2011 will be held in 11 days from November 11, 2011 – November 22, 2011 in two host cities, Palembang and Jakarta with 542 gold medals to be competed through 44 sports.

Indonesia is set to host the 2011 SEA Games in the SEA Games Federation Council Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand 6 September 2006. This year is the fourth time for Indonesia to be host country for Southeast Asian countries sports festival after in SEA Games X 1979, SEA Games XV 1987, dan SEA Games XIX 1997.

As the main host, Palembang will concentrate the game in Jaka Baring Sports Complex which covers an area of 45 thousand square meters and also at the sports center Gelora Sriwijaya Palembang.

In Jakarta, competition venues will be centered in Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK). This stadium is the largest and oldest stadium in Indonesia which is very historic for the people of Indonesia which is located in the capital of Jakarta and has seating capacity of about 88 thousand spectators. Currently, Bung Karno Regions stood wide range of facilities for sporting activities in 36 Venues, Politics, Business, Recreation and Tourism.

SEA Games Organizing Committee or commonly abbreviated as INASOC stated there are four keys of success to be addressed during this Southeast Asia countries sport festival, that are the successful of achievement, successful of management, successful of legacy and that no less important is the successful of democratic economy.

For the SEA Games to be memorable especially for Indonesia and all participating countries, one of the impressions building efforts is done by specifying a logo that depicts Eagle with the philosophy of “Garuda Flight above Indonesia Nature?. As a symbol of the country, Garuda in the global sphere is well known and directly associated with Indonesia.

SEA Games Organizing Committee (INASOC) ensures that they will make the 26th SEA Games memorable also by choosing November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11 to hold the opening ceremony. The opening and closing ceremonies will be spectacularly managed along the banks of the Musi River and historic building, Kuto Besak Fort.

List of Sport to be competed in Indonesia 26th South East Asian Games November 11th – November 22th, 2011.

No. Sports
1. Aquatics
2. Archery
3. Athletics
4. Badminton
5. Baseball
6. Basketball
7. Billiards & Snooker
8. Bowling
9. Boxing
10. Bridge
11. Canoeing
12. Chess
13. Cycling
14. Equestrian
15. Fencing
16. Fin Swimming
17. Football
18. Futsal
19. Golf
20. Gymnastic
21. Judo
22. Karate
23. Paragliding
24. Pencak Silat
25. Petanque
26. Roller Sports
27. Rowing
28. Sailing
29. Sepaktakraw
30. Shorinji Kempo
31. Shooting
32. Softball
33. Soft Tennis
34. Table Tennis
35. Taekwondo
36. Tennis
37. Traditional Boat Race
38. Volleyball
39. Vovinam
40. Wall Climbing
41. Water Ski
42. Weightlifting
43. Wrestling
44. Wushu

List of Sport and Venues in Two Host Cities of Indonesia 26th South East Asian Games November 11th – November 22th, 2011.

DKI Jakarta

1.   Archery                                                       Lapangan Panahan, GBK, Senayan
2.   Aquatics            Open Water Swimming    Pulau Putri
3.   Badminton                                                  Istora Stadium
4.   Basketball                                                  GOR Basket Sport Mall Kelapa Gading
5.   Bowling                                                      Bowling Jaya Ancol
6.   Canoeing                                                   Cipule, Jawa Barat
7.   Cycling              Track                                Velodrome, Rawamangun
Cycling              BMX                                 Ancol
Cycling              Road Race                       Subang Road
Cycling              MTB                                 Sentul, Gunung Pancar
8.   Equestrian                                                  Arthayasa, Depok
9.   Fencing                                                      Balairung UI, Depok
10. Football                                                      Stadion Utama Senayan
11. Futsal                                                         POPKI Sport Hall Cibubur
12. Golf                                                            Jagorawi Golf Country Club Cimanggis, Bogor
13. Judo                                                           Gedung Judo, Kelapa Gading
14. Karate                                                        Tennis Indoor Senayan
15. Paragliding                                                 Gunung Mas, Puncak
16. Pencak Silat                                               Padepokan Pencak  Silat, TMII
17. Rowing                                                       Cipule, Jawa Barat
18. Sailing                                                         Pantai Marina Ancol
19. Shorinji Kempo                                           Ciracas Sport Hall
20. Table Tennis                                               Hall A GMSB,  Kuningan
21. Taekwondo                                                 POPKI Sport Hall Cibubur
22. Traditional Boat Race                                Cipule, Jawa Barat
23. Vovinam                                                     Gelanggang Remaja Kec. Tanjung Priok, Kel. Sunter Agung
24. Wushu                                                       Tennis – Indoor Senayan


Sumatera Selatan

1.   Athletics                                                     Jakabaring Complex
2.   Aquatics             Diving                              Jakabaring Complex
Aquatics             Swimming                       Jakabaring Complex
Aquatics             Synchronize                    Jakabaring Complex
Aquatics             Water Polo                      Kolam Lumban Tirta
3.   Baseball                                                     Jakabaring Complex
4.   Billiards & Snooker                                    Arena Billiard Jakabaring
5.   Boxing                                                       Gedung Basket Indoor Kampus
6.   Bridge                                                        Hotel Swarna Dwipa
7.   Chess                                                        Hotel Jayakarta
8.   Fin Swimming                                            Jakabaring Complex
9.   Football                                                      Jakabaring Complex
10. Gymnastics                                                Jakabaring Complex
Artistik dan Ritmik                                      Ranau Gymnastic Hall
Aerobik                                                       Dempo Hall
11. Petanque                                                    Jakabaring Complex
12. Roller Sport                                                Jakabaring Complex
13. Sepak Takraw                                            SPC Jakabaring
14. Shooting                                                     Jakabaring Complex
15. Softball                                                       Jakabaring Complex
16. Soft Tennis                                                 Jakabaring Complex
17. Tennis                                                         Jakabaring Complex
18. Volley Indoor                                              Sport Hall Sriwijaya (GOR Kampus)
Volley Beach                                              Jakabaring Complex
19. Wall Climbing                                             Jakabaring Complex
20. Water Ski                                                    Jakabaring Complex
21. Weightlifting                                               GOR Dempo Jakabaring
22. Wrestling                                                    Gedung Serba Guna Jakabaring


Posted : 18 Nov 2011 16:54:17

Jakarta,18November 2011 – Indonesia SEA Games Organization Committee (INASOC) 2011 found that there are some counterfeit tickets has been distributed and sold during the football match between Indonesia and Malaysia last night, Thursday 17 November 2011 in Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta.

Djasri Marin – Deputy II INASOC stated,”We were really sorry for all of supporters who couldn’t watch the football match last night due to their counterfeit tickets. We are now working on the case to stop the counterfeit tickets production and distribution to anticipate that the similar case will be exisiting again in the upcoming semifinal football match and also for all sports during the SEA Games 2011.”

INASOC would like to emphasize that all of the supporters should be really careful in buying the tickets for any matches in all sports. All the supporters were highly suggested to buy the ticket at the official ticket boxes for any match at the venue or they can buy the tickets online through, and not recommended to buy the tickets through brokers.

There are some indicators to differs between the official tickets and the counterfeit tickets:

·         Ticket’s material

·         Ticket’s Color

”Once again, we would like to ask all of the supporters to be careful and not to buy any ticket from the brokers. And please help us sort this case by reporting any counterfait ticket that found in the field, therefore all of us can enjoy the games and succeeding the SEA Games 2011. Let’s keep on supporting our athletes and SEA Games 2011,”Agus Mauro – Ticketing Manager INASOC added.

Burung Garuda : Logo of 2011 Indonesia SEA Games

Posted : 11 Feb 2011 20:52:11

To host the SEA Games in 2011 has the meaning of hard work for Indonesia. Many things must be prepared to pick up the success Games of these Southeast Asian countries.

In addition to selecting beautiful date 11 November 2011 or 11/11/11 to set as the day of opening ceremonies, Indonesia SEA Games Organizing Committee (Inasoc) also prepared a variety of efforts for the SEA Games to be memorable especially for Indonesia and all participating countries. One of the impressions building efforts is done by specifying a logo that depicts Eagle with the philosophy of “Garuda Flight above Indonesia Nature”. As a symbol of the country, Garuda in the global sphere is well known and directly associated with Indonesia.

Garuda logo was officially introduced January 15, 2011 at the kick off event, 300 Days toward the SEA Games in Tanah Airku Theatre, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta. Physically, the Garuda symbolizes the power and its flaps wings represent the grandeur or glory.

In the logo, the head was given the red streaks symbolizing courage, fighting spirit, the spirit of play which also reflects the nationalism. The green streaks shaped mountain symbolizing Indonesia Nature Mountains and streaks of blue wave symbolizing the ocean archipelago.

The concept, is about the mighty Garuda as a guidance and as a protective figure, flying high above the Earth Mother which is rich in natural resources of forest, mountain, and maritime.

This spirit seems able to inspire athletes of Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke. Proud of their own country and compete in sportsmanship with friendly countries.

Eleven small orange circles that resembles the petals form of a large circle is a representation of the 11 participating countries.

Few countries bring big ambitions to wushu

Posted : 19 Nov 2011 10:00:26

JAKARTA-(UR): Five countries are set to heat up the competition in wushu at the 26th SEA Games at Senayan in Jakarta on Friday.

Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia are vying for the 20 gold medals on offer in the sport. Indonesia Wushu Association (WI) Supandi Kusumah said the home contingent was aiming to win five gold medals.

It could prove to be a tall order for Indonesia, which only took home two gold medals at the last SEA Games. Supandi, however, said his 14 athletes were better prepared following a two-month training stint at Beijing Sport University ahead of the Games.

Each participating country is allowed to take part in only 15 of the 20 events, and Indonesia is represented by four men and two women in sanshou and five men and three women in taolu.

“We promised the [youth and sports] minister we would win five gold medals. I hope tomorrow [Friday] we can win gold in the men’s and women’s nanquan,” Supandi said. (UR-9)

 Country Overall Medal






























   Lao PDR















   Brunei Darussalam





   Timor Leste





         Grand Total






















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